Impact Two-Light Digital Light Shed Kit – Medium

Best Impact Two-Light Digital Light Shed Kit – Medium

  • 500 Total Watts
  • 2- 250W Floodlights, Bulbs
  • 15x15x23″ Light Shed
  • Stands
  • WHAT’S IN THE BOX: 1 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty

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This kit consists of two Impact floodlights with reflectors, two daylight balanced 250W 120V bulbs, two stands, and the Impact Digital Light Shed medium sized (15 x 15 x 23″) shooting tent. The shooting tent can be lit from the sides, top, back, front or can be placed on a shooting table for bottom illumination. It also contains a removable plastic base, forming a rigid base for ease of product placement. The floodlight features a high heat ceramic socket and all high heat metal that won’t melt like units with plastic sockets. It also features a wooden control handle that stays cool, and includes a built-in adjustable umbrella mount. The attached cord comes with an in-line switch.

The Impact Porcelain Socket with Umbrella Mount (500W) is a cost effective way to utilize a wide variety of E26 (Edison) based lamps for photo or video work. Options include simple household lamps as well as photoflood and quartz halogen bulbs. This highly versatile product has an adjustable metal mount with a 5/8″ receiver for light stands and an 8mm umbrella receptacle. The Ushio BCA Incandescent Photoflood Lamp (250W / 115-120V) has been frosted blue in order to give it a color temperature of 5,760K. This makes it much easier to balance the light source in situations with high ambient daylight. The E-26 screw-in base is compatible with any socket which accepts a 250W lamp with or without a reflector. Although this kit is supplied for use with 120 AC voltage, it can function with 220-240 voltage, with the appropriate optional bulb, and adapter plug, available separately.

This Impact Two-Light Digital Light Shed Kit – Medium includes:
Impact Digital Light Shed – Medium
2 x Impact Porcelain Socket with Adjustable Umbrella Mount (500W)
2 x Ushio BCA Incandescent Photoflood Lamp – 250W / 115-120V (Blue)
2 x Impact Air-cushioned Light Stand (Black, 8′)
2 x Impact Floodlight Reflector – 10″

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Impact Two-Light Digital Light Shed Kit – Medium