Digital Camera Display Protection Film (Pro Guard AR) for Canon PowerShot SD4000IS (IXY 30S / IXUS 300 HS)

Micro Solution uses super-low refractive index, anti-reflective material, and high nanoparticle dispersion technology, to produce the highest quality film. It doesn’t alter colors and allows the correct assessment of focus, sharpness, contrast, white balance, and color harmony. Our film is not thick, but it is hard enough to guard against most casual scratches. Our film has anti-static treatment, which repels dust. Our film is not glue-based, so even when you remove it, you will find no residue on the LCD surface. This product comes with 2 sets of films, a micro-fiber cloth and 2 sheets of lint/dust remover, made of excellent quality in Japan by Micro Solution. More information on this and other Micro Solution products can be found at Instructions are in Japanese. If you have any problem using this product, please go to our Website for instructions in English. We use eco-friendly simple packaging for all our products.
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