UrnConcern Classic Brushed Pewter Cremation Urn, 7

Our Classic line of cremation urns are manufactured from sold brass,hand carved and carefully packaged in a lovely velvet box, which can be used for storage or display. The Classic Brushed Pewter urn features a timeless engraved bandng design, and a brushed finish. The felt bottom protects surfaces from scratching. The lid securely and easily screws on, or off. We’ve created a special line of cremation urns that will always be in style, and will serve as a fitting receptacle for the ashes of a loved one. We know you will agree. Sizing Made Simple One pound of live weight equals one cubic inch of cremains. 3″ = 3 cubic inches 6″ = 42 cubic inches 7″ = 87 cubic inches 10″ = 202 cubic inches For example; A 175 pound person, would yield 175 cubic inches of cremains, which would fit into a 10″ urn. A 35 pound terrier will yield 35 cubic inches of cremains, and would fit into a 6″ urn. Thank you for your interest in an urn from UrnConcern.
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